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Sami Easter Festival is held every year at Easter in Kautokeino. Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino is a Sami settlement where the Sami language and culture are a natural part of the whole community. It is Norway's largest municipality measured in area. There are great opportunities for unique cultural and nature experiences that you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Tickets can be bought online or at the festival office at Gilišillju festival arena Easter week.

At the festival office you can also exchange tickets bought online to festival wristbands. 


You can travel to Kautokeino by car or buss. Closest airport is Alta Airport (130 km) and Kittilä Airport (230 km).

We got an Facebook page where you can ask if anybody is traveling the same route as you. You can find it here


These offer accomodation in Kautokeino:

Food and drink


Juhls Silvergallery
If you want to experience an oasis at the Finnmark plateau, then Juhls is the place to visit. This unique gallery is the life and work of Frank and Regine Juhls, and here you can find arts and crafts from around the world on display in a remarkable building.

Visit the website here

Sokki Adventure

Sokki Adventure offers reindeersledding, delicious reindeer stew around the campfire inside a cozy lavvu and other experiences. We also recommend locals to visit Sokki Adventure.

Visit the website here

RiddoDuottarMuseum - Gilišilju 

The festival arena is in Gilišilju, where you also find RiddoDuottar Museat - Kautokeino municipal museum. Check out their exhibitions. 

Visit the website here


Sámi musihkkafestivála

Bredbuktnesveien 50b / Pb.36
9522 / 9521 Guovdageaidnu

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