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Easter Sunday 31st March 2024 - Báktehárji

About Intrigue

They created the term "heavy joik" and are described as the only band in the world in their genre. Intrigue has been regarded by critics and the public as one of the country's best live bands. In their 35-year career, they have performed at most festivals and concert stages north of the Arctic Circle. Intrigue draws full houses, and the alljoic factor is very high. In 2002/2003, Intrigue was one of the best-selling recording artists in Norway, which brought a gold record for the CDEP "Heavyjoik".


The band started in 1989. In 1993 they won the "Sørøyrocken" which the following year resulted in the debut album "Intrigue". Success increased in 2002 with the CDEP "Heavyjoik", and the following year with the album "Crossover". Both were produced by Ronni Le Tekrø, TNT's world-renowned super guitarist. In the same year, they were honored with the Áillohaš Honorary Award. In 2009, the home village of Karasjok honored the band with the culture award. In 2011 they released the CDEP "Čáppa nieida".

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