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Join us for some laughs and yoiks!

We invite you to a fun evening in LávvuLávdi, Gilšilju! There will be a stand up with Reaškkas and a concert with Bernt Mikkel Haglund and yoikers on Wednesday at Easter!

Reaškkas means to laugh out loud.

Together with the humor queen Trine Lise Olsen, this gang has investigated what Sámi humor is, and the result was Reaškkas. The ones we get to laughs with at Easter are Ánne Márjá Guttorm Graven, Ánte Siri, Åse Kathrin Vuolab and Trine Lise Olsen.

The project was started at Riddu Riđđu Festivála.

Bernt Mikkel Haglund is from Kautokeino and he mixes traditional yoik with modern music. Together with a group of yoikers, he released his second album in 2021. Now he comes to LávvuLávdi together with some of Sápmi's best young yoikers: Elen Marianne Utsi, Mikkel Mathis Hætta, Piera Eira and Johán Ivvár Gaup!

Tickets for this evening are already on sale! Run to buy!

Photo Reaškkas: Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen

Photo Joikere: Alice Balto

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