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Easter in Guovdageaidnu will go of with a boom! Here are our first artist!

We have beenwaiting for thisday for a long time, and now it´s here! We can finally announce tha tthere will be great Easter events this year. We will arrange big concerts and Bákteharji will again be filled with happy and colorful festival guests!

KEiiNO, Hildá Länsman and Saara Hermansson

We are proud to present our first artists. KEiiNOfinallygets to play thisEaster in Guovdageaidnu and we will finally get toyoik and singalong. We also get to hear Sámi Grand Prix 2021 winners Hildá Länsman and Lávre, they promise a good party atmosphere. We will also get to experience SGP 2019 winner Saara Hermansson, when she invites us to dance in Southern Sámi style!

Programme and tickets are out!

More artists will come to Guovdageaidnu and there will be many concerts. In dialouge with other organizers, we are planning and bringing together a festival program that fits all. It will include, amongst other things, ice fishing competition in Suohpatjávri, Children´s day at Sokki adventure, and Beaivvaš has theater performances almost every day. See what happens at Easter on our website. Tickets for some concerts are already on sale!

Photo: Per Heimly/ Roger Manndal/ Hannele Bång

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