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Sámi Music Festival has hired a new producer!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Sámi Music Festival has hired a new producer!

Anni-Rauna Triumf is hired as a producer at the Sámi Music Festival in Kautokeino, and will together with producer Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal arrange, among other things, the Sami Easter Festival in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino. Former producer Ol Johan Gaup will work as a producer of the Sámi Grand Prix.

Anni Rauna and Elle Mari (Cred: Sámi Music Festival)

Anni-Rauna is 30 years old and from Guovdageaidnu. She has a familiar voice to many, as she has recently worked in GLR, especially with radio bingo. She has a lot of experience with volunteer work and organizations. She therefore knows the Guovdageaidnu´s community and the people very well.

- I have always been interested in promoting Kautokeino and arranging various events and activities, and what could be better then to be part of arranging Sápmi's biggest festival, says Anni-Rauna Triumf.

Hoping for a new and better year

- We have started planning the Sámi Easter Festival 2022. There is a lot of work and the festival develops quickly, so it is great that we have got such a talented person on the team. There are probably many who miss concerts, meeting people and feeling the special Easter feeling, and we will do what we can to deliver a good Easter celebration, says Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal.

The Sámi Grand Prix 2022 is held in connection with the Sámi Easter Festival. SGP is arranged in collaboration with NRK, and will be broadcast live on NRK 1, NRK TV and radio on Easter evening. It's going to be a bigger show than ever before. Ol Johan Gaup is the producer of Sámi Grand Prix.

We hope to soon be able to fill Báktehárji and Guovdageaidnu with happy a audience, and to yoik and sing along and to Sápmi's greatest artists. There will also be a new festival arena at Gilišilju in the centrum of Guovdageaidnu, and we will once again experience traditional reindeer racing. We work to make it a safe and fun festival, and welcome you to Kautokeino this Easter!

Kind Regards

Sámi Music Festival

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