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SGP COVER - Sámi Grand Prix in a new form

Some of Sápmi's best young artists have covered old Sámi Grand Prix songs and yoiks that appeared between 1990 and 2000.

Do you remember when Marit Hætta Øverli won SGP 1991 with the song Jáddá go beaivi? What about Lars Magne Andreassen with the song Garra ednam? These and many more songs and yoiks we hear on Easter Eve in Báktehárji. Old hits become new hits!

They also play a youth concert on Good Friday at LávvuLávdi.

SGP Cover participants are:

The music producers are DJ Ailo, NTÏV and Lena Thuri. Vocalists and yoikers are Inna Marja Amundsen, Piera, Eira, Sárá Gáren Ánna Nilut, Elina Ijäs and Astrid Tuorda.

SGP Cover is a project by Sámi Music Festival in Kautokeino and in collaboration with DAT. The project is supported by the Sámi Parliament.

Photo: Sámi musihkkafestivála

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