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Agnete Saba

Good friday 29th March 2024 - Báktehárji

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About Agnete Saba

Despite her young age, Agnete Saba has managed to spend over a decade in the music industry. Since the breakthrough in 2008, when she won Melodi Grand Prix jr. with the band The BlackSheeps and the song "Oro jaska beana", a song that also won the Spellemann Award for "hit of the year" in the same year, Agnete has become a popular artist. Through her music releases and participation in several well-known musical entertainment programs on TV, she has shown herself to be an important representative of Northern Norway and Sápmi.


In the last year, Agnete has been working with new music inspired by nature in Northern Norway and Sámi musical traditions. With lyrics in both Sámi and Norwegian, Agnete has created a beautiful and powerful musical universe that includes elements from pop, rock and electronic music. Agnete is ready for the Báktehárji stage this Easter. Are you ready?

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