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Easter eve 30th March 2024 - Báktehárji

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About Elle Maija

Elle Maija Klefstad Bær brings the joik together with blues, pop and rock, and builds on traditions from both sides. She is a guitarist and vocalist who has distinguished herself in Sami music since her teens. She is best known as the solo guitarist in Rolffa, but has also worked and played with Mari Boine. In addition to this, she plays in the event band Soulpatch and has participated in the Sami songwriting camp Dolvot for many years. In recent years, she has worked on her first solo project where she both joiks and sings in Sami and Norwegian. In autumn 2023, she took part in "Stjernekamp", an entertainment program on NRK where artists compete to become Norway's best entertainer. Now she is ready to enter the stage at Sámi Beassášmárkanat in Guovdageaidnu.

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