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Ailu Valle, Amoc & 

Easter Eve, 30th March 2024 - Báktehárji

About Ailu Valle, Amoc & Boogiemen

Ailu Valle and AMOC join the Báktehárji stage on Easter Saturday with their Trio Boogiemen band and promise an intense show, which will please rap and heavy rock fans alike. Festival guests get to experience new songs from the upcoming joint album by Ailu Valle and AMOC and also well known favorite bangers. The epic Boogiemen live band consists of Oula Guttorm (guitar), Juho Kiviniemi (bass) and Patrik Fält (drums).


Ailu Valle is well known for his philosophical Northern Sámi lyrics and unique musical expression. Valle has released three solo albums and been involved in many different projects in different genres. In 2020, he was awarded the prize for best songwriter by the Sámi Music Awards and the Finnish State Prize in 2019.

AMOC is the first artist to rap in Anár Sámi and has delivered raw rap music for over 20 years. He describes his genre as horror rap, and is known for creating a musical universe with songs inspired by Sámi mythology and spooky creatures. AMOC released his first album in 2007 and was rewarded with The Young European of the Year award the same year.

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