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Ailloš & Nordic Voices

Wedensday, 27th March 2024 - LávvuLávdi

About Ailloš and Nordic Voices

What do 6 classically trained voices and a singer and joiker really have in common? Maybe more than we think. As singers, we try to explain and describe the world with our voices. And it is the meetings that are interesting, the meetings between traditions, meetings between voices, where new music arises, at the intersection of sonos and history.


It is these meetings that can really create new landscapes, new stories and new art. Which can explain the world in a different way. Not better, just different. Such a meeting can be heard at this concert. The meeting between Nordic Voices and Ingor Antte Ailu Gaup.


With great openness, Nordic Voices and Ingor Antte Ailu Gaup (Ailloš) have approached each other's universe. Nordic Voices has received two joiks with text composed by Ailloš, and has been generously invited into his world. Together with Lasse Thoresen, they have all met in a world of new singing techniques, new sounds and given both the joik and the classical tradition new colors and a new costume. Nordic Voices has already worked closely with folk musicians, both from Norway and from other countries, and through this work has established completely new ways of singing. Together with Ailloš and Lasse Thoresen, we have been able to touch completely new strings, and with this collaboration have been able to help create a completely new sound universe. It is this universe that we present to the audience tonight.

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