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Reindeer racing is an Easter tradition that is much older than the festival itself. In the past, the Sámi used to meet, celebrate and find out who has the fastest reindeer before they started the spring migration of the herd to the coast.

Now we get to experience traditional reindeer racing on the river in the middle of the village.

Foto_ Niels Ovllá Oskal Dunfjell 2.jpg


Reindeer racing is arranged as before. Both the riders and the driver's reindeer are decorated, and there is competition with sledges.


In connection with reindeer racing, a lasso throwing competition is also arranged. Are you the most accurate of all?

It will be entertainment that is rawer and tougher than anything you have experienced before!


Registration to Aslak Sokki: +47 951 21 998

Easter Saturday 16.04.2022
11: 00-15: 00

On the river beside the Gilišilju festival arena.

Photo: Niels Ovllá Oskal Dunfjell

Govven Niels Ovllá Oskal Dunfjell.jpg
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