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New producer at Sami Easter Festival

Rolf Morten Anti Amundsen is engaged as a producer in the Sami Music Festival in Kautokeino, and will work together with the producers Anni-Rauna Triumf and Ol Johan Gaup to organize, among other things, the Sami Easter Festival in Kautokeino and the Sámi Grand Prix.

Rolf Morten Anti Amundsen is best known as the artist Rolffa and has extensive experience from the stage. Now he takes a stage dive and joins the producer trio to help create the Easter festival in Kautokeino.

It will be very exciting and not least new for me, says Rolf Morten. I have been booked with Rolffa and other bands and artists many times, but now I will be on the other side and be the one who books.

Rolf Morten Anti Amundsen - Photo: Madelene Holmberg Simoes

New talents - SGP COVER vol.3

In the project SGP Cover we select old contributions from the Sámi Grand Prix and get young, talented artists, joikers and producers to collaborate in covering a selection of the songs and joiks. This has been done twice before with great success and Vol. 3 is now being planned, which deals with the contributions from 2001 to 2010.

This is a project that I am very much looking forward to working on, says newly minted festival producer Amundsen.

Here you will find SGP Cover vol.1 and vol.2.

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