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Come by LávvuLávdi before the evening concerts on Good Friday! Then you get to experience the Rorbua stand up talk show with Erlend Elias and Sindre Olav Fredriksen, where they invite local guests with them on stage to tell anecdotes and stories.

In the Rorbua concept you get everything: Northern Norwegian storytelling tradition, stand-up, music and good conversation. Not to forget a guarantee of laughter!

Sindre Olav Fredriksen is from Senja and is a trained actor. He is passionate about good conversations and stories. In Rorbua, he is a producer and talk show host.

Our beloved Erlend Elias Bragstad comes from Tysfjord. He is known as a stylist, reality contestant, stand up comedian, speaker and influencer. Erlend Elias likes to laugh with good friends. In Rorbua, he is a producer and talk show host/sidekick.

The show is in Norwegian.

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