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Do you want to sing or yoik on Sápmi's biggest stage? Sámi Music Festival, together with NRK, is looking for participants for the Sámi Grand Prix 2023!

Deadline for registration is 01.12.2022!

Do you have a dream of becoming an artist, or would it be great to give a joik as a gift to someone you hold dear, and then share that experience with the whole of Sápmi and the Nordics? Sign up, maybe you'll be one of those who get to shine on Sápmi's biggest TV production on Easter evening!

The Sámi Grand Prix is ​​a competition in two parts: song and yoik. It is open to anyone who writes songs regardless of ethnic affiliation. This is a unique chance to participate in a colorful and warm music show that promotes Sámi artists and yoikers. The song or joik must not have been published before.

The yoiks must follow one of the Sámi yoik dialects (vuelie, vuolle, luohti, livde, leu'dd), and are performed a capella. The songs must be performed in one of the Sámi languages ​​(Akkala, Kildin, Ter, Enare, Skolte, North, Lule, Pite, Ume, South)

The participant must be over 16 years of age.


Winners of the joik part and the song part win NOK 20,000 each. In addition, they receive a scholarship worth NOK 50,000 and an offer to hold a concert at the Sámi Easter Festival in Kautokeino the following year.

Second place wins NOK 10,000 and third place NOK 5,000.

Signing up is easy!

The song or yoik does not need to be fully produced or recorded in a studio. Phone recording is also good!

You can sign up via NRK's ​​pages here. Fill in the form at the bottom of the article. The article is in Norwegian.

SOÁ participated in the SGP 2022 song section (Photo:: Mads Suhr Pettersen).

You can also register via e-mail to Sámi Music Festival:

Attach the music/sound file and write contact information. Please also send the lyrics if it is ready.

It is also possible to register by phone: Ol Johan Gaup tel: +47 977 34 966

If you are a songwriter or music producer, you can also sign up! Please let us know who you want to perform the song, and we can help you find the right artist.

Máhtte Ánte J. Sara participated in SGP 2022 in the yoik category (Photo: Mads Suhr Pettersen)

The Sámi Grand Prix 2023 will be held on Easter Eve, April 8 in Báktehárji, Kautokeino. SGP 2023 will be broadcast live on, among others, NRK 1.

If you get chosen to be a finalist, all costs related to the production and recording of the song/joik will be covered, if you have not completed this yourself. All other participant expenses are also covered.

Does this sound exciting? Watch the Sámi Grand Prix 2022 broadcast here to get a better impression of what this entails!


Ol Johan Gaup, Sámi Grand Prix producer, Sámi Music Festival

+47 977 34 966/

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